Borrowing during an emergency is no more a shame because now you can skip asking for money from your close ones. Most people who need urgent cash go for online borrowing methods. The tribal online installment loans are also one of the popular online borrowing options. People living in tribal lands of America find this method super helpful. Unlike traditional banks, here, you can skip the tiresome paperwork and get your work done within a few hours. The fast reviewing and approval processes are the key reasons for the fame of tribal installment loans. Are you eager to know more? If yes, stay hooked!

Tribal Installment Loans Overview

Let's start with the basic definition of tribal installment loans. They are the loans given under the rules and regulations of Native American tribes. The tribal lands are mostly unfamiliar with the laws of the sovereign territories, so borrowing becomes easier via this method. The lenders working from tribal lands are not obliged to the state-based lending laws. However, this might not be true for all tribal lands. Some tribal lenders also used to hide the actual interest rates from the customers, but soon this practice was stopped by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But now, the lenders do not mislead the customers anymore, and therefore, tribal loans are safe for those who need instant cash!

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Role of NAFSA

Native American Financial Services Association or NAFSA is a governing body that supports tribal lenders to give out cash at an affordable rate. NAFSA always keeps an eye on the tribal lenders and helps them lend out short-term installment loans to the customers. The lender must belong to one native tribe for giving out cash. However, the borrower can come from any tribe. The tribal lenders are allowed to lend even to those from states where payday loans are permitted. Indian tribes are seen the most in the US these days. There are over 500 Indian tribes in America now. To provide legitimate loans to these tribes, a new tribal Indian loan program has been started.

Tribal Installment Loans Vs. Payday Loans

Borrowers are often not sure about the difference between payday loans and installment loans. It is seen that a tribal loan is more similar to an installment cash advance, and hence, most people call it tribal installment loans. Some differences between tribal installment loans vs. payday loans are:

Installment Loans

Payday Loans

The lenders don't have to obey state laws. Such freedom allows them to give money without getting traumatized by strict rules and regulations.

For payday loans, the lenders need to follow all the state rules related to the interest rates, loan tenure, etc.

You can borrow a large amount of money, and the due date can also be extended.

These are short-term loans that come with a fixed repayment date.

Borrowers are not at a major risk of getting drowned in debt.

Tribal payday loans are mostly responsible for getting the borrowers into debt.

What Are the Requirements of Tribal Installment Loans?

The requirements of online tribal installment loans are simple as given below:

  • You will not get a tribal loan unless you are 18 years old. To prove that, you must provide a few documents like a birth certificate or school certificate.
  • Certain lenders give out cash only to those who belong to a particular tribe. To prove that you are a part of some tribe, you must attach the necessary tribal documents.
  • You own a property within the country's borders, and that property must be your residential address. For this, you need to provide your address proof documents.
  • You must have a fixed job that helps you earn a stable income every month. The lending firm might ask for your income proof documents.
  • You also need to have a bank account for easy tribal loans. If your bank account is not active, you will have difficulty receiving the funds.
  • Besides these requirements, the lending firm also needs to get in touch with you. For that, an active mobile number and email address are a must.

Maximum Amount that Can Be Borrowed from Tribal Installment Loans

The maximum amount that can be borrowed from tribal loan direct loans depends upon two important factors- the lender and the tribe. The usual amount is close to $500 to $2000. As these are installment loans, a huge amount can be borrowed. Some lending firms also grant up to $5000. The tenure for these cash advances is usually long, one year or more.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Tribal Installment Loans

Even the best tribal installment loans, too, come with both benefits and drawbacks. Some of the major advantages of this borrowing method are:

  • Customers get the cash deposited in their bank account within one business day. It is a great speed compared to the approval time taken by the banks.
  • When you have a bad credit score, the banks might not agree to lend you money. However, a poor credit score is not an issue with direct lenders until you have a good income.
  • You can extend the due date from 6 months to 2 years, depending on your repaying capacity. It makes tribal loans the best budget-friendly borrowing option.
  • Even those who are not from any tribe can take a cash advance following this method.
  • It does not push you towards debt, which means that there will be no additional financial stress when you opt for tribal loans from direct lenders with no credit check.

Yes, the benefits are very helpful, but there are also certain drawbacks that you must know. Have a look:

  • Every tribal lender is not genuine. That is why you need to get in touch with legitimate lending firms.
  • The APR can be as huge as 300%, making these loans quite expensive for many borrowers.
  • The lender gets to choose the tenure of the loan in most cases.

Overview of the Tribal Installment Loans Direct Lenders

Tribal installment loans direct lenders are those lenders who work under the Native American tribe legislation. They are free of all state rules, and they belong to a native tribe. To get a loan from them, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the website.
  • Download the application for tribal installment loans with guaranteed approval.
  • Fill the form and submit it with the documents required.
  • If your request gets approved, a tribal lender will contact you.
  • Sign the agreement.
  • The money will reach your account within one business day.

How to Get a Tribal Installment Loan for Poor Credit?

The steps of getting tribal installment loans for bad credit are exactly the same as given above. The only other thing that must be taken care of is your monthly income. When you have a poor credit score, the lender will be more eager to know how much you earn. So, make sure you have all the income proof documents ready to back you. When you have a fixed monthly income, the lender won't hesitate to give you the cash.


We have answered a few frequently asked questions related to tribal loans below. Have a look!

What If the Borrower Cannot Pay Back on Time?

When the borrower fails to pay back within the due date, tribal loans direct lender can either add extra charges to the sum borrowed, or you can ask for an extension. In most cases, the lenders happily grant an extension, but if not, you will have to pay the fees to late payment.

How Many Tribal Loans Can I Take at a Time?

As online payday loans, you can opt for more than one tribal installment loan at a time. However, unless you have an excellent credit score, no lender will agree to give you two loans at once. If you have a poor credit score, getting two loans at a time might be difficult but not impossible. Taking multiple loans can also hamper your credit score further.

How Can I Get Rid of the Tribal Installment Loans?

The only way of getting rid of any cash advance is by repaying the money. Even if the due date has not arrived yet, but you already have the cash in hand, then clear the loan because if you cannot do it later, the extra fees might be a burden. Also, do not risk taking any loan if you do not earn a fixed income. Inability to pay back on time is what drags most borrowers into the debt pool.

What Is a Tribal Loan Firm?

Lending firms that deal with tribal lenders for giving out cash to the customers are the tribal loan companies. America Cash is one such firm where you can get tribal loans and other online payday loans easily. Here, one can find tribal loans with no credit check facility, making it a perfect place for people who have a poor credit score.