As most people know, direct lenders often hesitate to give out cash without proper income proof. But is it true for all direct lenders? No! Some lenders do not check the income of a person before lending them cash. However, traditional banks will never do that because they take the credit score and income very seriously. Hence, you can enjoy this special facility only if you opt to borrow from lenders unrelated to banks. Do you want to know more about title loans with no income required? If yes, then we have covered everything about that below. Keep reading!

Title Loan With No Income Overview

There is a myth among the borrowers that no lender offers cash unless the borrower provides income proof. Even though this is true to some extent, it is not the entire truth. In reality, many lenders favor a title loan with no income. Lenders who take neither your income nor your credit score in to account and give you a loan against collateral security; usually, this collateral security is a car. They take the car, provide a value against the vehicle, and wait for the repayment. If you fail to pay back, the lender has all rights to keep your car and not return it unless the borrowed sum plus the interest is paid back.

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How to Qualify for a Title Loan With No Proof of Income

Some of the requirements of a title loan with no proof of income are:

  • You should be at least 18 years old. Anybody who is below this age range cannot apply for title loans online. To prove you meet this age bar, the lender will want to see your birth certificate.
  • To ensure that you are a country citizen, the lender will also want to check your address proof documents.
  • Other identity proof documents are also to be presented.
  • You might have zero income or a poor credit score, but you should be capable of offering a valuable item as collateral security. In most cases, it is a car.
  • Some lenders are picky enough to lend only to those who have a good credit score. But this is not a mandatory requirement.
  • You need a valid bank account, contact number, and email id for proper loan processing.

Application Process

The application process for title loans that don’t require income proof are:

  • To apply, visit the website.
  • Download the application form for no proof of income title loan.
  • Fill it and submit the required documents.
  • The lender will soon get in touch with you.
  • Show the collateral security to the lender to find out how much cash you can borrow against it.
  • Sign the agreement.
  • Wait for the money to reach your bank account!

Ways to Get a Title Loans Without a Job

If you are wondering how to get a title loan without a job, there are two ways. Firstly, some people do not have a permanent position, but they have a fixed source of income. For instance, if you are a business owner or freelancer, your income might not be fixed, but you earn a stable income every month. To prove that, you can show your bank passbook details to the lender. However, if you do not have a steady source of income, then another way of getting the cash advance is by showing the lender your property. In most cases, it is a car, but you can also borrow against other valuable things like gold and land.

Income Sources Proofs Without a Job

When you apply for a title loan with no job, you must have other sources of income to show the lender that you are capable of paying back the money. Some of the sources of income to get a title loan are:

  • If you get Social Security benefits from the government, you can provide the same documents to the lender.
  • If you inherit a large portion of your ancestral property, then that, too, can be used to make the lender trust you.
  • If you have taken loans in the past and settled them within time, show the documents to increase trust.
  • Lastly, your car is the ultimate collateral security that you can keep with the lender.

Pros and Cons of Title Loans Without Proof of Income

Below we have shared the pros and cons of title loans without proof of income; read below:


  • You can get a loan even though you do not have a fixed income.
  • Lenders also agree to give out cash at bad credit.
  • These loans get approved shortly within one business day.
  • Easy online application via the website.
  • Quick response from the support team.


  • The interest rates are comparatively higher.
  • If you do not pay back on time, your collateral security might get seized by the lender.


We have answered a few FAQs related to car title loans with no income verification below. Have a look!

How Do Title Loans Verify Income?

The lender will take your income proof documents to verify that you earn a fixed amount of money. If you do not have a stable income source, you will have to borrow against collateral security. Your credit score won’t be an issue because the lender gives cash against the property you own. Therefore, if you fail to pay back, he will have the car to lean on.

How Much Monthly Income Do I Need to Get a Title Loan?

You can take title loans with no proof of income even if you have zero income. It can be done by keeping your car as collateral security. But in case you do not have anything to borrow against, you should have a stable income. We cannot specify this income value as it varies from one lender to another. You will have to confirm it with the lender while signing the agreement.

How to Verify Self-Employment Income for a Title Loan?

If you are self-employed, then you can show your bank passbook details as income proof. Your bank transactions will speak for your monthly income. You can also show the agreement between you and your clients for more credibility, but that’s not necessary unless the lender is very strict.

Where Can I Get a Title Loan Without Proof of Income Near Me?

The best place to find title loans without income or job is Here, you get full support from the team to understand the entire process of the loan. Their transparency with their customers is the best thing about the company. They also have a huge network of direct lenders. So, you will be able to find someone willing to lend you cash against your car without even checking your credit record. If you have any confusion about the transaction, you can easily get in touch with the support team, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.